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Don’t feel like a rockstar? Would you like a life with more purpose, meaning, fulfillment and well-being? Now, today? I’ve spent 10 years helping people like you. My name is Scott. Take a look around and email your questions. I’ll respond personally.

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Personal coaching plans for up-close work on defining your vision and purpose that drive you.


Teams and their individuals are better when they allign their purpose. On-line or in-house training to navigate how each functions at their best differently and negotiate expectations.


In-depth self-study program to get you in step with your purpose and creatively making a difference.

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Now Give Others a Taste

Metaphors hang on the edge of our awareness and defining them can bring them into a palpable experienced resource. They come naturally when we take the time to explore our…
“... Scott knows his stuff. And his teaching is great, practical and actionable. It made a real difference.”
Cyril B.
“... It's made all the difference in the world. Everything is better!”
Ben C.
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