September 2019

The Best Step To A Life Of Purpose And Excitement

Do you wake up in the morning and can’t wait to bound out of bed because you have wonderful things to do and your own world to explore? Do you feel like your life is so full of purpose that the world would be better if there were two of you?   Do you know what it feels like to be at your best in the areas that are most important to you?   That’s incredible, I’m glad you’re here… Read More »The Best Step To A Life Of Purpose And Excitement

Now Give Others a Taste

Metaphors hang on the edge of our awareness and defining them can bring them into a palpable experienced resource. They come naturally when we take the time to explore our inner-landscape. We can go straight to the source, which is found inside us, of what we’d like to feel and doing that routes the groove each time we do it, making it easier, smoother and faster to get back there each time And so now, what is waiting for you… Read More »Now Give Others a Taste