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Personal coaching plans for up-close work on defining your vision and purpose that drive you.


Teams and their individuals are better they allign their purpose. On-line and in-house training to navigate how each functions at their best differently and negotiate expectations.


Soon to be released in-depth self-study program to get you in step with your purpose and creatively making a difference. Email to get on waiting list.

scott e. stroud

After University training in both Literature and Communication in the US, Scott made a move to France where he started to dig deeper into what makes humans tick with training in hypnosis and counseling.

Ever in search to take things further, he started to learn the communications model Clean Language which is used worldwide by professionals in the tech field, business, health, recruitment and sales, and more.

He started to see the impact that this innovative technology can have supporting individuals in teams.

His first start came when he convinced a small company to allow him to come in and show what he could do, for free. If they were happy, he’d continue in exchange for technical help that he needed. They agreed, loved it, asked him to do more and ended up presenting him to other clients.

His second break came when he met a leader of a head hunting agency. He asked if he could show them what he did, again for free. The neighbor agreed, and after one session, the company bought a customized training to conduct better interviews with their clients and recruits.  Not only were they happy with the results, they also said they all work much better together. They started organizing talks with their clients so Scott could demonstrate what he did.

Agile coaches, the British NHS and a world leader in the tech field tech followed. He also started a non-profit where he volunteered with the long-term unemployed at a meal center to help them find purpose through these techniques. The venture was a success and culminated in some of the attendees teaching others.

Today he works with individuals and teams on-line via skype and in-person.

He loves what he does.

If you explain briefly your specific situation, a free call can be organized to explore what solutions are possible.